Get college Ready During High School.

Our program helps student athletes earn athletic scholarships and prepare to dominate college athletics.

A Better Resource For Athletes

Our online student athlete development program takes high school student athletes and prepares them to earn scholarships and hit the ground running from day one in college athletics.

Signing Day Academy covers each topic below because we understand the lifestyle of being a college athlete and the challenges that come with it.

Inspired by NCAA Research

Our program provides direct solutions to the exact struggles voiced by NCAA student athletes in their annual GOALS study.

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An Elite Program For Serious Athletes

You may have heard of other recruiting services out there costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. At Signing Day Academy we put athletes and their families first, because we know exactly how an athletic scholarship can change your life.

If you have aspirations of playing a college sport, think about the following question:

What’s the easiest part of playing college sports?

The answer is: Earning a scholarship! 

Not only do we provide you access to over 8+ years of recruiting expertise, we know that the work doesn’t stop there.

Each year 69,000+ NCAA Student Athletes won’t earn their degree. 

This is a PROBLEM!

If you’re anything like us you don’t want to just “make it” to college athletics.

You want to dominate college athletics. 

And that’s exactly what we promise with our online program. You will step foot on campus with more experience and education than your upperclassmen teammates. 


There Is A Gap In Student Athlete Development

High School Student Athlete:

-Plays multiple sports and enjoys their days off.

-Focuses on their grades and academics.

-Tries to get noticed to earn scholarships.

College Student Athlete:

-Dedicates nearly 70 hours a week towards their sport and academics.

-Coaches invest thousands of dollars into your performance.

-New environment with added responsibility and pressure.

Why do colleges invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into full-time student athlete development staff?

A typical division 1 university may have 25-30 staff dedicated to their student athletes well-being, compliance, career development, leadership, and more.

Who is responsible for student athlete development at your high school?

No one.

Signing Day Academy is here to replace the gap.

We are committed to giving high school student athletes the resources and education they need to thrive at the next level. 

From Walk-On To Team Captain

Your program instructor has helped hundreds of student athletes across the country achieve their athletic goals.

Andrew started his collegiate athletic career as a 17-year -old walk on at his local community college. Over the next five years he started over 25 games, earned a scholarship, and graduated as a team captain.

Signing Day Academy uses the direct experience from Andrews’ athletic career, coaching career, and non profit organization. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Andrew if you have any questions before enrolling in Signing Day Academy.

Our Students Are Winning

Signing Day Academy added an extra level of confidence and preparation to my skill set as I get ready to leave for college. This course gave me insight into the reality of competing at the next level.

Michael Moore

Class of 2021 (Bemidji State Commit)

This online course taught me many things about college athletics that I never even considered. Although I still have a few years before I transition to college, I feel much more ready to succeed.

Isaiah Hollimon

Class of 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our program can be completed at your own pace. There are a total of 9 phases with over 8 hours of videos, as well as assignments, quizzes, and downloadable resources.

Our program is designed for any high school student athlete regardless of sport or age. 

The program is mobile and desktop accessible. Student athletes could develop their game while on a bus ride or in their own home.

All you need is an internet connection and device to log-in to the course.

We offer a full money back guarantee from 30 days of purchase. 

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